Peter B. from Ohio.
I am a retired law enforcement officer who did alot of research. I flew to NYC to meet Jay personally and sized him up to be honest and truthfull. After 20 years on the job I know the difference. I bought 3 sites and today I have over a dozen sites generating over 250 thousand dollars a month.

Andre from Prague Cech Republic.
I met Jay at the World Telemedia Conference here in Prague in April. First we talked and Jay explained to me and my wife everything we need to know about the Adult Internet Business. Then we started with one adult and two casino sites and today after only two months we generated over ten thousand dollars USD profit. I want to come to America soon.
Beth M. from Sterling Virginia.

I was desperate to find a work from home opportunity that really worked.
After trying several things 'so called' proven work from home businesses that failed I then went to Teleteria. It took a while to get over the 'adult' part of it but boy am I glad I did. My site makes over 3000.00 a month. I cant tell how many times I kicked myself for waiting!

Mary Ann P. from Jonesboro Georgia.
Thank Heaven for!! After my husband lost his job we didnt know what we were going to do. We did a search on the internet and found a few work from home businesses. Teleteria offered us a money back guarantee so we gave them a try. We started with just one site but after 3 months bought 2 more. Last month we made a profit of over 5500.00.

Joanne S. from Kent Ohio
I am a single mom and going through a real difficult time trying to raise 2 girls all by myself. Teleteria helped me get started by financing my web site. Jay taught me how I could work from home and grow. Slowly I made more and more money. Now after my 7th month my profit was 2350.00 in one month. Thank you Teleteria and Jay Servidio. Thank you for taking time to help me and my 2 girls find a better life.

Lisa K. from Seminole Florida
I got no education and no skills so its been real hard raising the twins with no husband. I found Teleteria on the internet and spoke to Jay. I was impressed that he took time to speak with me personally and help me out. He taught me how to work at home and grow my business. My site generates over 700.00 a week for me after just 4 months. I dont know what I would do without

Yas S. from Tokyo Japan
I did much research before I got into the adult internet business. I found Teleteria to be the only company that offered a money back guarantee. I am from Japan and did not feel comfortable dealing with people who were strangers to me. Jay Servidio treated me fairly and gave me all time to understand. Since I started with Teleteria I have made over 3000.00 per month profit. They are great honest company.

Angel V. Fort Lee New Jersey
I went to all the trade shows and always found Teleteria to be one of the most reputable companies there. Jay Servidio has an excellent reputation in the business. He and his company helped me make thousands of dollars profit every month. It's real and it's consistent. I just bought a second house as an investment thanks to Teleteria .

Shelly M from L.A. California
Jay Servidio from Teleteria is just the most sweetest smartest guy in the whole adult internet industry. I didn't know anything about the business and he explained it all to me. He was patient and took a lot of time to go over and over all the details. Today my sites make over 10,000.00 per month profit and I have a great free life thanks to Jay Servidio.

Corey L from Kansas City Missouri
I use to clean carpets for a living. I was always interested in pornography ever since high school. I did a search on the net and found Teleteria. Jay Servidio himself talked to me on the phone and explained it all to me. Cause of my work I could not talk to him during the week so he called me on Saturday. I really appreciated him taking the time to call me. I started with one site and when I my site was doing over 150.00 a day in profits I started another site. I don't clean carpets anymore and my wife is real happy about that. Thanks Teleteria and thanks Jay Servidio.

Eric from Vienna Austria
I first met Jay Servidio at the World Telemedia conference this past April in Budapest Hungary. I have learned a wealth of knowledge about the adult internet industry from him and made consistent profit. Every time I get a check from the billing company its larger then the last one. Now all my friends have sites with Teleteria and we have great fun marketing and sharing information together.

Megan H. from Connecticut USA
Teleteria is the best opportunity there is to making great money in this business. They are always there when I need them to give me straight answers.

David B. from Toronto Canada
Jay Servidio is the ultimate Guru in the Adult Internet Industry. There simply is no one else with his experience and success.

Bill G. Long Island NY USA
I have been with Teleteria for 6 years. They are simply the best in the Industry. I have many sites with them that produce great profits month after month and year after year. Jay is not only an industry leader but the best friend I will ever have.

Aki K. from Melbourne Australia
Jay has always been there to help us get started and continue to make great profits. 24 hours a day there is someone there to assist with anything we need or any question. Time after time Jay has been there to give marketing advice and keep us out of trouble. He's a great mate.

Rupert T. from Dallas Texas USA
After listening to Jay Servidio speak at the Internext Show in Vegas and reading all the articles in such notable publications and The Wall Street Journal and The New York Press, I immediately signed with Teleteria for 3 sites. I have always made great money and never looked back. God bless America and Teleteria.

Auric G. from Berlin Germany
We have always hosted our sites with Teleteria in NY. Our sites are never down. Teleteria is best in world in this business. You would be foolish to look elsewhere.

Mike P. from San Diego California USA
Teleteria rules! They do all the work and I make all the cash. The simply do it all, design, hosting, content, marketing assistance. Its a beautiful thing.

Tim A. from Ft. Lauderdale Florida USA
Jay Servidio and Teleteria always conduct business in the most professional manner. They have always been courteous and respectful to me and my company. We started with Teleteria when we first got into the business and have loved them ever since. They are a great bunch of guys and fun to hang out with.

Gary F. from Chicago Illinois USA
Let me tell you about Teleteria. They are simply the best in the world at what they do. They have helped me make tons of cash since I first started doing business with them.

Tim W. from London England
If you want the straight truth about the Adult Internet business look no further then Jay Servidio and Teleteria. We have done business with Teleteria since they started in 1994 and never had a bad experience with them.

Russ S. from Tuscon Arizona USA
After years in the phone sex business we had to get into the Adult Internet business. Teleteria came highly recommended from everyone in the business. We love them. They are totally professional and have helped us a great deal. Sure there are people to do it cheaper. Teleteria is the only company that will get you to profitability. They simply provide the best service in the industry.

Kevin C. from California
I would say that if you want a quality site and the best content then you need to go with Teleteria. Why? Because they have the best content on the web and your site will be custom made exactly the way you want it. I am making money. Not thousands of dollars because it takes time but I am getting paid weekly and I can prove this to you. Jay is a little rough coming from New York, but he will work with you financially on payment structures and what not. We had a fallout a long time ago and that is now fixed. Prior to my negative postings there never was a single negative post anywhere about either Jay or Teleteria. He has kept his word on everything and has not taken any corners.

YNOT BOB. from California
Jay’s company has been around for years. So has my company, and so have I. Jay and I have even served on the same educational panel at one of our tradeshows. Since then Jay and I have had many conversations about his business model, and my business model. While we come from two different markets of thought, I find Jay to be a very honest, hardworking individual, who has been around a long time. He also shouldn’t suffer due to a couple wild seeds thrown in the field of Adult Webmasters.

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