What do I get for my one time set up fee?
You get a custom designed 10 page site and over $100,000.00 worth of content for your members section that is updated every month. Your members get access to our huge library of over 100,000 videos in 65 categories and over 100,000 pictures we have collected in our database. Also, you get the total support of Jay Servidio to assist you in marketing your site. Jay has been an industry leader since 1994 and has helped thousands of people all over the world make great profits every month. Please read more about Jay in the Published Articles section.

Does create adult site offer a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, create adult site wants their clients to be happy with their site. Therefore, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in writing on all the design work we do.

Can I manage the site and make money from my house?

Yes, all of our clients do this business from the comfort of there home.
They don't have to travel anywhere and they don't need a special computer.

Do I own the site?
Yes, all our clients own the site totally and get a copy of the files on cd.

Do I share my profits with create adult site?

NO, all our clients get paid directly from ccbill on all member sales. create adult site never shares in the profits of our clients.

Are these adult web sites legal?
YES, create adult site operates all the web sites we design and host in a legal manner.
We have on retainer, the top adult internet attorneys who advise us daily on all changes in the industry so we always in compliance. create adult site and its clients have never had any issues with content. Our clients enjoy the freedom to market their sites and make profits while we take care of everything else.
Tell me about the Pres of create adult site, Jay Servidio.

Jay Servidio is clearly the industry leader in adult design, hosting, and marketing. He is the only owner of a design company that speaks at the Internext show in the USA and the AOE show in Europe. He is the primary speaker at shows worldwide and has been for 10 years. Jay and create adult site have been written about on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Press, and various other publications. Jay has taught classes for over 5 years on how to get started and make profits in the adult online industry both in the US and Canada. He is a sought after author of numerous articles on the state of the adult online industry. He has dedicated his life to helping people get into the business and soar to profitability.

Are there any additional fees?
No, there is a one time set up and a monthly hosting fee of 100.00. The monthly recurring fee includes hosting, bandwith, customer service for your members and monthly updates of content. There are no other charges.

Can I change the site?
Yes, create adult site always encourages our clients to get involved in their site as much as possible. You have full ftp access and can make changes 24 hours a day.

Can I add my own content?

Yes, as long as the content is legal you can add and delete content 24 hours a day.

How much can I make?
Depending on how vigorous you are with marketing you can start making 200.00-400.00 a day in as little as 90 days. create adult site has clients that do over 1000.00 a day in revenue.

How long does it take to get my site started?
Once we receive your deposit your site will be done in less then 7 days.

Do I need to be incorporated?
No, all you need to do is get an account with ccbill and they will pay you directly on the 1st and the 15th of every month on your members.

Can I set the price for membership?
Yes, create adult site encourages our clients to set their own price and to alter it higher or lower if they choose.

How much time do I need to spend on marketing my site?
Most clients spend about an hour a day and more on the weekends getting their site listed on search engines and link sites.

Does create adult site offer support in marketing my site?
Yes, create adult site provides ongoing consultation to all our clients on the latest marketing tips and promotions that helps our clients bring in the traffic they need to be successful.

Does create adult site own their own servers to host my site?
create adult site hosts the sites on our own servers which are DEC Alpha machines and has over $1,000,000.00 worth of equipment co-located in the building. create adult site is the only company in the adult design industry that has such a major investment in hardware. create adult site is also a hosting company and offers hosting services for clients worldwide.

How many years has create adult site been in business?
create adult site was incorporated in Sept of 1994 and has been designing and hosting ever since. create adult site is simply the industry leader. We have been in the adult internet industry since inception as an innovator and a leader. create adult site is the only company to take you from startup to profit.

How many clients does create adult site have?
create adult site has hundreds of clients in over a dozen countries worldwide.

Do I need a lawyer?
No, all you need to do is contact ccbill to get your billing account setup.

Can I add other affiliate programs?
Yes create adult site encourages you to add as many affiliate programs to your site to enable you to make more money.

Do I get paid in US dollars?
Yes the billing company pays you in US dollars no matter what country you live in.

Can I operate my web site from outside the US?
Yes you can own and operate your site from anywhere on earth.

Is the market saturated?
No, every day 150,000 people log onto the net for the very first time in their life and the majority of them go right to the search engines to look for adult content.

How did create adult site' clients do last year with the economy down?
create adult site' clients made an average of 26% more then the previous year. The economic downturn means more people staying home and surfing the net and increasing our business.

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