Start Me Up - Teleteria Provides a Helping Hand to Newbie Webmasters:
AVN Online magazine's (September 2001) interview with Jay Servidio about

Site Seer: For Thriving Dot-Com, One Hot Market Isn't What It Brags About ---
Keen Has Experts to Counsel On Any Topic, but Clients Click Heavily on Psychics ---
Some Calls Are Inside Jobs:

Page 1 Wall Street Journal article on Keen, Inc., which includes it's relationship with Teleteria to startup the adult content for their company.

Pay Per View:
On the net, sex is recession-proof.

Host With The Most:
AVN Online article on Teleteria's Turn-Key service and hosting features.

From XXX to $$$:
An article about Jay Servidio's Learning Annex Seminar on how to get started and make profits in the Adult Internet Industry.

Erotica USA:
An article about Teleteria's presence at the Erotica USA show in New York.

Site Builders Tips:
An article written by Jay Servidio for the IA2000 magazine on tips for constructing a profitable web site.

How Will War Affect Online Porn:
Jay Servidio is asked his opinion on the how war will affect online porn.

Adult Online Europe - Amsterdam Preview:
An article on the success of the AOE Amsterdam Show.

Will War Be Good or Bad for Business?:
An AVN Article about the side effects of War. Jay Servidio offers his views on the situation.


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